Teeth Whitening in Bowling Green

Wouldn’t it be nice to have bright, white teeth just like you did when you were a kid? Maybe you've just always wanted a beautiful white smile. Father Time has an effect on the way your teeth look, and yellowing/discoloration is normal. But there’s no need to panic – You can get the whitest and brightest smile you’ve had in a very long time when you take advantage of our teeth whitening treatment. Staining and other results can have a huge impact on the way your teeth look, thus sometimes leaving your confidence in shambles. Our cosmetic dentistry services are designed to help you achieve a radiant smile that will turn heads.

Choose Your Teeth Whitening System

Dr. Utz understands that not every patient is the same, therefore not every dental situation will be the same. Some patients will have more staining than others, which depends on multiple factors including eating and drinking habits, proper dental hygiene and more. Our whitening treatment consists of two systems: EZ-White Pro and the Venus teeth whitening system.

Quick Pro Whitening

This spectacular whitening system is a great new development in whitening enamel. It’s an in-office treatment that is quick and highly effective. In an hour’s time, this patented technology uses a light-activated formulation of fresh peroxide to lighten teeth up to four to six shades whiter. Strips and pastes only remove surface stains and etch the teeth, resulting in a quick relapse of staining which ruin any results you may obtain. There are many benefits to choosing this state-of-the-art whitening system:

Venus Take-Home Teeth Whitening System

A “Venus Smile” is the most beautiful, healthy smile that you can achieve. When it comes to creating your perfect smile, we have just what you’re looking for with this fantastic take-home treatment. In just a day or two, custom whitening trays will be ready for you to take home and begin treatment. The kit comes with a special whitening agent that you will place into the clear trays. For only 30 minutes of wear per day, the whitening agent bubbles stains out of your enamel in a short time without altering existing dental work. Once teeth reach your preferred whiteness, only occasional treatment is necessary to keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Opting for this whitening treatment has its advantages:

Schedule An Appointment

It’s time to brighten that smile and start enjoying the benefits that Venus and EZ-White Pro can provide. Dr. Utz can get you the smile you’ve always wanted, all you have to do is schedule an appointment. Together, we can get you a smile that you can proudly show off.