Periodontal Disease Therapy in Bowling Green

The Facts on Periodontal Disease

If you have sensitive gums, regularly experience bleeding while brushing or flossing, or notice red or white “pimples” or blotches along the gum line, you may be suffering from periodontal (gum) disease, and you’re not alone. Depending on the research, anywhere between 50 and 85% of Americans are reportedly affected by gum disease. The bad news is that gum disease is often overlooked by patients until it reaches the advances stages, but the good news is that with proper preventive care, periodontal disease is treatable. At the Bowling Green, OH dental practice of Dr. Derik E. Utz, we have the tools and experience necessary to prevent or restore even advanced cases of gum disease. Call to schedule an appointment or find out more about periodontal disease prevention and treatment from Dr. Utz and his team.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease starts small. Bacteria and sugar on teeth become acidic, and while saliva typically works to counteract this acid, when there is more acidic bacteria on the teeth than the saliva can effectively neutralize, a sticky film of bacteria and sugar called plaque forms. Over time, this plaque can build up below the gums irritating the soft tissue. This irritation or inflammation is referred to as gingivitis. Left untreated, gingivitis leads to more serious gum disease causing gum tissue infection, tooth decay and gum tissue and bone density deterioration. This more severe form of gum disease is called periodontists. With regular preventive care, most patients will never experience this level of periodontal disease. At Dr. Utz’s dental practice, each patient has gum tissue charting and screening for periodontal disease as part of every six month dental examination. Based on the results of your examination, Dr. Utz and his team may recommend a soft-tissue management program to regularly review and treat soft tissue preventing possible periodontal disease from developing into actual periodontal disease.

Some signs and symptoms to be aware of in order to seek treatment as soon as possible:

Treating Gum Disease

Regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups can help you stop periodontal disease before it starts, but even the best oral care routine isn't impervious to plaque buildup or gingivitis. That’s why being aware of the way your teeth and gums look and feel is essential. Gingivitis can, for the most part, be treated with deep cleaning, and antibiotic treatment. Periodontitis typically requires more extensive treatments. Some therapies we offer to treat periodontitis include:

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